60 Litre Tighthead Drum

Part Number:  PP60-0L002


Large Plastic Tighthead Drum – 60 Litre 

Comes with bung closure (can be used with a bung tap) 1 x 2″ Tri-Sure™ bung as standard

Made from high density, high molecular weight polyethylene and conforming to National and International foodstuff legislation

UN Number:
1H1/X1.4/250/** /GB/0985
** = year of manufacture 

Used and trusted throughout the food, chemical and agricultural industry, for the safe storage and transportation of many products, including hazardous chemicals

*Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure chemical and physical compatibility between the drum / container and product filled.

SKU: PP60-0L002 Category:
Weight3.5 kg


Dimensions (H x W)

613 mm x 400 mm


1 x 2" Tri-Sure bung

Stock Colour

Blue with black handles

Nominal Capacity

60 Litre


Tight head

UN Approved


Weight (Other)

2.8 kg


High density polyethylene (HDPE)

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