Berg Top Tins

All UN approved (and embossed), our berg top tins are made from high quality tinplate.

The closure (berg) can be pressed in by hand – Once in, it cannot be removed intact (supplied with each tin).

Available in a variety of sizes, these tins are ideal for transporting, storing and decanting liquids with more aggressive properties – Oils / varnishes etc you wouldn’t wish to come into contact with your skin.

If the internal condition of the tin is critical and the storage times of the unused items are subject to variation, it is recommended that an internally coated product is considered.

If you have a product sensitive to it’s presence, you should consider the alternative since we cannot guarantee every tin will be rust free.¬†

The nature of tinplate is that it is a matter of when rather than if the tins will begin to show signs of corrosion. Individual batches will vary.

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