Syphon Pump – Small

Part Number: FSP1001


Small Syphon pump – SP1 

The Model SP1 Small Syphon Pump is good quality, for a long life.   Ideal for 25 litre jerricans.

A simple, low-cost pumping system, making it economical.  When primed, liquid will flow from a higher source for effortless delivery.

Suitable for: 

  • Kerosene
  • Light oils
  • Petrol
  • Water

Total length: 530mm, suction tube length: 390mm, discharge tube length: 540mm * Delivery: approximately 6.5 litres per minute 

The main material in the Model SP1 Small Syphon Pump is polyethylene


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Weight0.1 kg


Additional Information

Delivers approximately 6.5 litres per minute

Stock Colour

Red and white



Weight (Other)

Approx. 70g


Main material is polyethylene


Total length: 530 mm, suction tube length: 390 mm, discharge tube length: 540 mm

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