Packo Small Volume Container – 1 Litre

Part Number: XB1000M001


1000ml CurTec Packo Jar  

Ideally suited for use with powders, gels and high value products.

Manufactured from food grade HDPE, the Packo jar is an ideal container for transporting valuable products in granular and powder form (not water tight).

Maximum filling temperature is 70°C / 158°F.  Contents must have cooled to 30°C / 86°F before containers can be closed and stacked.

Lid only requires and easy ¼ turn to apply.

  • Jars available with cap & inner seal or 2 component lids (built in gasket)
  • 7 Different Coloured lids available

UN approved for the transportation of hazardous solids and marked UN1H2/ X1.3/Y2.0/Z3.0/S/

Pallet Icons - Free SVG & PNG Pallet Images - Noun Project  Pallet Qty: 1,260



Weight0.16 kg


Additional Information

Jars available with cap & innerseal or 2 component lid



Colour Lid

Blue, Green, Red, Burgundy, White, Yellow or Black.

Keg mm


Nominal Capacity

1 Litre

Opening mm


Qty - Pack / Pallet

1,260 per Pallet

UN Approved

X 1300g/S


High density polyethylene (HDPE)


154 mm

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