Measuring Jug – 500ml

Part Number: ZJ500M001


500ml Pro-Jug™ Measure Jug 

All Pro-Jug™ products are specifically designed for commercial and industrial use.  This accuracy and robustness also makes them ideal for a domestic setting.

Made from U.V stabilized food-grade polypropylene the 500ml jug is very durable and may be used for a variety of different applications:

  • Home baking – Powders / Liquids / Rice / Pasta
  • Chemistry (high level of chemical resistance)
  • Gardening

Independently lab tested for accuracy, with clear precise markings.

Microwave and Dishwasher safe

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Weight0.08 kg
Additional Information

May be subject to minimum order quantities

Diameter of opening

90 mm

Stock Colour


Nominal Capacity

500 ml

Qty - Pack / Pallet





Food Grade Polypropylene


149 mm

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