Measuring Jug – 3000ml

Part Number: ZJ03-0L001


3000ml Pro-Jug™ Measure Jug 

Made from high quality food grade polypropylene.  We have a large range of measuring products available which were designed for commercial & industrial use.

Independently lab tested for accuracy, the 3000ml jug is perfect for when you need to be exact with measurements.  Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

  • Large injection moulded handle makes this jug perfect for thick and thin liquids.
  • Thick walls and non drip pouring spout all add to the outstanding quality.
  • Chemical resistant and food grade.
  • Large aperture for filling along with deep ullage to prevent spilling.

Other large  jugs can have issues with their handles once filled – The weight can cause the handle to bend – Not so with any of the Pro-Jug™ range.

With the moulded handle you can be confident in both it’s rigidity and durability. 


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Weight0.27 kg
Additional Information

May be subject to minimum order quantities

Diameter of opening

174 mm

Stock Colour


Nominal Capacity

3 Litre

Qty - Pack / Pallet





Food Grade Polypropylene


249 mm

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