51mm Jerrican Pump Dispenser

Part Number: HL51TE014


Model D30-CC-495 Dispenser Pump


  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Robust and durable, for a longer life
  • Reusable

Delivers a 30ml dose as standard, and fits a 51mm standard neck.  450mm dip tube – Ideal for 5, 10 + 12.5 litre stackable containers (but can be cut down to fit shorter jerricans) – Height above cap – 117mm

Designed for low viscosity products – ideal for:

• Washing-up liquids                     • Hand cleaners
• Body lotions                                  • Moisturisers
• Catering sauces

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Weight0.068 kg
Additional Information

• 30ml dosage as standard
• 450mm dip tube – used for 5, 10 + 12.5 litre stackable containers

Neck Size



• Upper ball valve, head, plunger, collar, cap, body, valve retainer, suction pipe: Polypropylene (PP)
• Flap valve: expanded Polyethylene (PE)
• Spring: stainless steel


Above cap – 117mm

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