38mm Aeroflow Tap

Part Number: IL38SC001


Aeroflow Tap 38mm 

Air returning flow lever taps designed for single-opening containers, metal or plastics, from 1 to 5L (with a 38mm neck). 

Suitable for: 

  • Low viscosity liquids such as water 
  • Liquid food – Fully EU and FDA approved
  • Household cleaning products and disinfectants
  • Chemicals – highly resistant

Excellent flow rate of 70 ml/sec when fully opened, with the possibility to control the dispense by turning the lever accordingly.

Gives an effortless, glug free dispense with no hazard, no waste and no need for secondary venting.

*Food Contact:

All materials used within the moulding process are from reputable suppliers and are formulated to comply with the requirements of the food packaging regulations of European countries:

  • Declaration of Conformity regarding food contact Europe and Germany
  • Legal Basis §30, §31 Food and Feed Code (LFBG)
  • Consumer Goods Safety Regulation (BedGgstV)
  • Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV)
  • EU Regulation (EU) 1935/2004
  • (Art. 3, Art. 11 Para. 5, Art. 15 and Art. 17)
  • GMP Regulation (EU) No. 2023/2006 on the good manufacturing practice
  • Plastics Regulation (EU) 10/2011 (Food Contact)
Weight0.025 kg


Additional Information

38mm Aeroflow tap to fit 1, 2, 2.5, 4 & 5 litre jerricans. Taps are batch tested at 5 psi before insertion and visually inspected before despatch

Stock Colour

White Tap – Red Lever – Black Screwcap

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