2″ Tri-Sure® Metal Tab-Seal for Buttress Bung – Blue

Part Number: SL2″002


Tri-Sure® 2″ Metal Tab-Seal Blue  

Tri-Sure® closures Tab-Seals are designed to work in perfect combination with the other components of the Tri-Sure® closures system, providing the best possible sealing solution.

These seals can be crimped over the bung necks on steel drums to offer security against substitution and pilferage of contents.

Currently available in:

  • Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue

Sealed correctly, with the proper sealing tools, these caps will withstand large pressure changes, including those caused by impact.


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Additional Information

Shades vary – Colour in image may not be a true likeness

Stock Colour


Neck Size


Other Colour Options

Red / White / Green

Qty - Pack / Pallet

500 box / 18000 pallet


Made by Tri-Sure®

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