2″ Tri-sure® Combination Bung + ¾” Vent

Part Number: SL2″005


2″ Tri-sure® Combination Bung + ¾” Vent  

Manufactured in compliance with ISO-20848-3

6Nock-type Buttress 4TPI-threaded plugs are best suited for the application on Automatic Filing Lines

Raw material: Polypropylene

EPDM white washer / gasket: White EPMD

  • Multi-purpose sealing material with good physical and excellent chemical properties
  • FDA Compliant

G ¾ Vented plug – White

*Not recommended for applications involving petroleum derivatives


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Additional Information

All materials used in the manufacture of the bung conform to National/International foodstuff legislation

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Body: Polypropylene, Gasket: EPDM, White Nitrile, Viton

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