Our Packaging

Welcome to Taylor Davis, your one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, including plastic and metal packaging, along with a wide range of accessories.

Our plastic packaging range includes a variety of products such as Buckets, Tubs, Drums, Bottles & Jerricans, Kegs, Jars, Pumps, Polypails, IBC’s and Measuring Jugs. These products are perfect for storing and transporting liquids, powders, and other materials. Most products within this range are made from food grade polypropylene (PP).

Our metal packaging range offers products such as metal pails, tins, bottles, screw top, berg top, and drums. These products are ideal for storing and transporting chemicals, adhesives, and other materials that require a sturdy and durable packaging solution.

With our accessories range, we offer a variety of accessories for metal drums, plastic jerricans and other packaging. From brush caps to IBC parts, accessories are available at wholesale prices subject to order quantities.