PCR (Post-Consumer Regrind) Plastic Packaging

PCR (Post-Consumer Regrind) Plastic Packaging from Taylor Davis Limited

Plastic packaging provides a unique lightweight medium that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere by other materials and yet its very existence has implications for the long-term wellbeing of our environment. Nevertheless, the manufacturing of plastic packs are highly energy efficient, using only a fraction of the heat and power (and therefore pollution) necessary to produce metal or glass vessels.

It is also so much lighter to transport goods packed into plastic, therefore saving on fuel consumption and damaging CO2 emissions. The increased use of wood derivatives in packaging (cardboard; kraft; etc) also go a long way towards decimating forest stocks. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to packaging’s sometimes uneasy relationship with the environment it exists in.

At Taylor Davis we are of course aware of the negativity surrounding the use of plastics, and for the past 30 years have been offering recycled solutions into the non-food sector. However, with the UK Government’s announcement in their 2018 Budget that from April 2022 a new tax on plastic packaging will be levied on all items that contain less than 30% recycled content our minds were certainly focussed even further on this issue!

Fortunately, Taylor Davis has enjoyed a fruitful and progressive partnership with Jokey Plastik for over 40 years that consistently provides innovation and enterprise in what is a rapidly evolving market. As a German-owned major manufacturing business, Jokey have long been in the forefront of developing plastic products that meet 21st Century requirements and expectations.

PCR (post-consumer regrind) polypropylene is a polymer derived from household waste (drinking cups; dessert pots; cutlery; etc) and rejected industrial materials such as stretch and heat seal film that can now be offered ex-stock in selected sizes into all non-food sectors (paints; surface coatings; chemicals; etc). Initially, Taylor Davis can offer both 5 litre and 10 litre round pp buckets in this form of plastic off the shelf!

These pails are produced in 50% PCR with 50% ‘PIR’ (post-industrial regrind) pp sourced from within the factory, so they are completely sustainable and immediately satisfy the exemption criteria from the new tax.

Jokey’s thin wall technology and advanced design means that these packaging items perform as well as those produced in virgin polymer and are themselves 100% recyclable – having a plastic handle too. These containers can also be decorated to a high standard with digital in-mould label (‘IML’) decoration that makes for a very attractive on-shelf presence.

At Taylor Davis it is not our aim to provide cheap short term half-answers to long term questions.

We are here to find ethical solutions for your business and provide packaging of only the highest standards.

For further information, please contact our sales team on either Tel: 01373 864324 or by Email: sales@taylor-davis.co.uk or contact your usual Area Sales Manager.

PCR (Post-Consumer Regrind) Plastic Packaging