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We set our company up a year ago and felt completely alone in the business world, with very few contacts and virtually no help from any one. We started looking for a supplier of containers to put our product into. 

After contacting several packaging companies and receiving at best apathy and at worst no response at all we came across Taylor Davis.

Our first encounter was an emergency collection form the site in Westbury of a few 10L buckets, worth very little money. We were met with great courtesy and helpfulness from the admin department and the dispatch. After that impressive encounter we decided that Taylor Davis "were worth try”.  

After a year of absolute perfect service from Jodie and the team in the office, the ever cheerful drivers and the super humane efforts from Liam we know we made the right choice.

Many thanks to all at Taylor Davis for showing a very small company what big company service feels like.

Alan from Dorset

Email sent to Head of Operations & Business Support:

Dear Julie

Many thanks for your time on Wednesday, it was a delight to meet you.  If you could e-mail me the couple of forms that we discussed then I will attached them to my audit (once I’ve had time to type it up!!).

I would be very grateful if you could let your directors know we are very impressed with your quality system.  We have worked with Taylor Davis since 2002 and you are our best supplier.  All of the staff we deal with on a regular basis are helpful and friendly, from Paddy in the warehouse, to Jodie, (previosuly Tracey) and Liam in Sales, to accounts and now include you :).  

Rob from Hampshire

"Hi Paddy,

Stephen would like to extend his gratitude in the swift turnaround of his order.

He is very grateful for the speedy delivery Taylor Davis was able to arrange for him for this urgent order.


Stephen from Suffolk

I have been buying containers and pails from Taylor Davis for over 20 years and the level of service and product knowledge is very high.  There have been many occasions where I have required extra quick deliveries due to unexpected demand and Taylor Davis can always rise to the challenge if the stock is available. 

All the staff are very easy to deal with and are very helpful throughout the company and have a high level of product knowledge and expertise.

I have also found that a good level of stock is held at Taylor Davis, this goes for normal "off the shelf" items and bespoke items which are specific to our company.

Overall it is a pleasure to do business with this company.

Phil from Suffolk

Email sent to our internal sales team:

Forgot to tell you ... that bloke from the other packaging lot popped in before Christmas - nice enough guy but I told him that I worship  the ground you walk on so I doubt whether he'll be back.

Ian of Reading

Taylor Davis are a friend and a business partner; not just another supplier.

Angie is fabulous, attentive and efficient beyond the call of duty, her phone calls and e-mails brighten the darkest day and bring a spring into my step.

Buying buckets was never so much fun, even Andy calls once a decade!

David from Dorset